Terms and conditions

1. The online store pracowniasynapsis.pl is owned by the SYNAPSIS Foundation, located in Warsaw, Ondraszka 3 str, registered in Register of Associations and Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, under the number:  0000045919.

2. The online store sells products online.

3. The orders are taken through www.pracowniasynapsis.pl

4. The orders May be placed 24/7 throughout the whole year yet the store reserves the right to place limits on making purchases in the store.

5. It is assumed that the User of the store has read and accepted the terms and conditions before placing an order.

6. Placing an order consists of filling in the purchase form (through adding desired items to a shopping cart and giving all the required contact information) and clicking on “Place an order” tab on the store website: pracowniasynapsis.pl

7. A person placing an order is obliged to fill in the purchase form with all the required and actual information.

8. After placing an order a buyer receives an email confirming the receipt of the order by the pracowniasynapsis.pl online store.

9. The pracowniasynapsis.pl Internet store reserves the right to verify by phone or email the orders which are to be paid for upon receipt or through bank transfer. If the verification is impossible or there are doubts regarding the credibility of the order, the order is cancelled. This does not relate to purchases made by credit, check or other payment cards or other electronic payment systems, when the order is accepted after payment authorization.

10. In case of doubt it is assumed that purchase agreement is concluded at the time of the actual commencement of order processing.

11. The purchase agreement between a costumer and the SYNAPSIS Foundation is concluded according to Polish law and in Polish. Fixing, securing and release of provisions of the purchase agreement take place through printing of the agreement and providing it to the customer, together with the VAT invoice.

12. The maximum time between order placement and dispatch (i.e. order processing time) is 3 days. Delivery time depends on a delivery services company or the Polish Post.

13. Order processing time begins on the first working day after the day when the order has been placed and ends on the day when the package leaves our facility. The orders of several products are dispatched only when all the ordered products get assembled, that is the dispatch time depends on the longest processing time.

14. In case of the necessity of order verification, it will start being processed the day after it has been verified.

15. The changes in the order can been made up to the time of issuing an invoice. The customer can cancel the order until the dispatch time. These changes can be made via the special form available at pracowniasynapsis.pl

16. The order will be realized only if the ordered product is in stock. When some of the ordered products are not available the customer will be informed about this fact and will be able to make a decision whether they will still want to purchase what is currently in stock, extend the order realization time or cancel the whole order.

17. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store typically realizes orders within Poland. The international orders are possible after individual arrangements.

18. The ordered products are delivered by Polish Post (priority delivery within 2 business days) and UPS delivery services company

19. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store does not bear responsibility for late delivery by the Post or other delivery service companies.

20. The online store accepts the following payment methods: by cash at the delivery (the amount due is taken by a postperson, courier or store administrator), by electronic payments through payu.pl service or by bank transfer to the store bank account. The payment methods currently acceptable are listed on the pracowniasynapsis.pl website.

21. The prices of products offered on the store website are given in PLN, and include VAT. They do not include flat-rate delivery costs.

22. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store reserves the right to change the prices of offered products without prior notice. The price changes do not refer to previously ordered products.

23. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store reserves the right to withdraw particular products from the offer without prior notice.

24. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store charges a fee that covers products’ delivery. The amount of the fee is available on the pracowniasynapsis.pl website.

25. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store as part of sales promotion can temporarily suspend fee charging. The relevant information will be available on the pracowniasynapsis.pl website.

26. In case of payment at the delivery, the cost of delivery is included in the payment charged at the delivery

27. Every transaction is confirmed by the VAT invoice. The VAT invoice is issued when all ordered products are complete and ready to be sent.

28. In accordance with the Act of 03.02.2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products the Customer is entitled to cancel the purchase and return the purchased products without giving any reason within 10 days from date of delivery. However, this is possible only when the product has not been used, is complete and undamaged in any way. The returned products should be sent to Sklep pracowniasynapsis.pl, ul Ondraszka 3, 02-085 Warszawa, with a note ‘return’. The online store guarantees refunds equal the original price paid at the purchase. The refunds are made within 5 business days of the returned products’ receipt. The refunds are made by bank transfer to the account specified by the Customer or by the postal money order to the address indicated at the order placement. The costs of sending the products back to the store as well as other side costs related to the transaction are not reimbursed (i.e. the customer returns products to the store at their own cost).

29. All products offered at the store have one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

30. If the customer finds a technical defect or mechanical damage in the received product, they can make a complaint sending the flawed product back to the online store pracowniasynapsis.pl by postal service. Together with the product one has to send the filled out letter of complaint, the form of which is available on the pracowniasynapsis.pl website. The complaints will be taken into consideration within 14 days from the receipt of the returned product accompanied by the letter of complaint. If the complaint is considered well-grounded, the flawed product will be repaired or exchanged for another, flawless one, and if it is impossible, the store will give the purchaser the refund for the flawed product or will offer other similar the products available at the store. The costs related to the return of the product in case of complaints considered well-grounded are reimbursed within 7 days after the decision regarding the complaint. The reimbursement is sent by bank transfer to the account specified by the Customer or by the postal money order to the address indicated at the order placement. The store does not accept any packages which must be paid for at the delivery. The complaints cannot be made based on the color differences between products delivered and those seen on the store website. The differences can result from differences in computer monitors’ settings and parameters.

31. The complaints relating to the mechanical damages that occurred during the transport will be taken into consideration only after damage protocol has been made  and signed by both customer and package deliverer.

32. The personal data of the Customer – registered User of the internet store’ website are protected by Privacy Policy of the internet store, available at pracowniasynapsis.pl.

33. Issues not regulated by these Terms and Conditions are regulated by the Polish Civil Code, Act of 03.02.2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products.

34. Court which has the jurisdiction over the subject matter of the dispute over Purchase Agreement is the court having jurisdiction over seat of the defendant or the court of the place where the agreement is executed.

35. The pracowniasynapsis.pl online store reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice

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